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Прогноз и ставка каппера Senukas на матч Бертон Альбион - Борнмут 25.09.2019

25 сентября 14:06
2019-09-25 21:45:00 Бертон Альбион Борнмут Бертон Альбион - Борнмут Бертон Альбион - Борнмут прогноз на матч 25 Сентябрь 2019 от Zygimantas Кубок Английской Лиги. 3-й раунд.
Бертон Альбион
25 сентября
Good developments continue this season for Bournemouth, and in the Premier League we find it now in sixth place. It comes after two important victories, with Everton and Southampton. He scores a lot and the attack is the strong point. Three times these teams have been confronted since 2009 and so far. Every time Bournemouth was imposed.Bornemouth seem to be in very good form right now. They have won previous 2 matches, scoring 6 goals what is great result. Burton failed to win in their last 3 fixtures and in my Opinion they will be defeated tonight..
Прогноз: П2
Коэффициент: 1.73
Ставка: 500 $
5% от банка
Результат: 2:0

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