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Прогноз и ставка каппера Senukas на матч Цинциннати Рэдс - Милуоки Брюэрс 25.09.2019

25 сентября 23:08
2019-09-26 01:40:00 Цинциннати Рэдс Милуоки Брюэрс Цинциннати Рэдс - Милуоки Брюэрс Цинциннати Рэдс - Милуоки Брюэрс спортивная аналитика на игру 26 Сентябрь 2019 от Zygimantas MLB. Регулярный чемпионат.
Цинциннати Рэдс
26 сентября
Милуоки Брюэрс
Milwaukee Brewers postseason hopes was put through soenreal test when reigning national league MVP Christian Yelich picked up a fracture bit this team has been in glorious form as Ryan Braun who is a former MVP placed two hits to extend his personal streak to four in their last game as the Brewers made it five wins from five and a win today will see them wrap up a wild-card berth. Brewers have won 16 out of their 18 games played and 11 out of 13 without Yelich. You just can't possibly ride them off this game. Brewers to win by 6-3.
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